Vani Leon is a Bay Area Makeup Artist that specializes in natural and enhancing beauty services for women of every age and walk of life.   Your natural beauty is what she strives to emphasize! 


Wearing makeup should not make you feel uncomfortable.  Pampering yourself is part of being a woman and you should always embrace your natural beauty and femininity! 


In this day and age, society can sometimes make women feel guilty or vain for taking care of themselves and wanting to feel fabulous.  You should never feel ashamed or less-than for celebrating your beauty!  


Her goal is to make sure you look and feel as beautiful on the outside as you do on the inside.  She aims to give you the most serene experience every time and ensure you are left feeling amazing as ever.  You are never treated as just another client, she is your friend and here to guide you through your experience.  Always know that you can be yourself and feel at home.