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Hello again!  I'm a professional makeup artist, hairstylist, and soon-to-be California Licensed Aesthetician based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, with a decade of experience in the beauty industry.  I have always had a passion for painting, drawing and all things art since a child!  Art is my form of therapy and I'm the most at peace when I'm in my zone; whether it's searching for the perfect seasonal décor for my living room, testing new SFX makeup techniques or getting a bride ready for one of the most memorable days of her life. 


My desire for helping others look and feel their very best, as well as my passion for learning as much as I possibly can about the cosmetic and skincare industry is what I thrive on.  In doing so, I strive to provide the very best service and guidance to all of my clients and friends.  

I specialize in Bridal Artistry and absolutely love what I do!  My motto is "less is more."  To me this translates to just enhancing your natural beauty and bringing out your features, whether in a subtle way or a more glamorous approach.  There is nothing I love more than seeing a woman look at herself and FEEL as beautiful as she looks.  Often times, I get clients who are a bit unsure of how certain makeup will look on them or they're concerned that they will look overdone or like a completely different person.  With the right makeup techniques you will always look like yourself!  

Skincare is another area of expertise I possess.  Through years of researching, studying and personally trying and testing products, I pride myself on being able to assess different skin types, tones and textures in order to recommend and use the most effective products and techniques for each individual.  I want you to love your complexion during your makeover, as well as continue your recommended regimen to get optimal results over time.

A flawless makeup application is partially having a great skill set and the other is using the right products!  I spend a great amount of time thoroughly researching and trying every product I add to my kit.  I treat every face as if it were my own and make sure all tools and products are clean, sanitized and ensure that the ingredients will not cause any adverse reactions.  With my impeccable eye for detail combined with aesthetic and cosmetic knowledge, the time we spend together is an experience that you will always remember!

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